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We know that first impressions are important, so we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the blog and thank you for taking the time to browse!

Gareth and I have been working on Coinponent for quite a while, and we are very excited to show it to you.

What is Coinponent?

Coinponent is the world's first plug-and-play cryptocurrency calculator. It is designed for maximum user friendliness both for you and your users.

That's not just an empty claim - it takes less time to add your custom Coinponent than it does to install a Wordpress plugin!

The setup is super simple too. Start by claiming your (free) API token in order to receive your custom snippet of code. Then it's just a matter of pasting it on your website aaannnd you're done :)

Not bad right? But why would you want a cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator on your site?

Why add a Coinponent?

Did you know that the phrase "bitcoin price" is typed into Google 7.5 million times a month?!?

Or how about "ethereum price" which is googled 673,000 a month?

Clearly the crypto community cares about real-time prices.

Why not tap into this huge potential by providing a free crypto exchange rate calculator on your very own site?

As a news outlet, crypto blog or even forum your visitors WANT to know the price, meaning you can significantly improve their experience by providing an exchange rate calculator on your site.

If you have some Marketing savvy, you can also use Coinponent as a way to spruce up your blog posts & landing pages.

In order to nail your SEO in 2019, you will need to ensure positive user behaviour. Metrics like session duration, pages per session and CTR are becoming more important by the day, and Coinponent can help you improve each of them.

But Coinponent is also useful for communities of smaller tokens. To illustrate this, let's look at Coinmarketcap, which currently lists 2,106 digital assets, most of which do not have a real-time exchange rate calculator.

For these tokens, community members typically have to convert their token price into Bitcoin before figuring out the price in USD, GBP or EURO. What a hassle.

Coinponent changes that!

Using Coinponent, you can now easily find the exchange rate of over 2,000 tokens in USD, GBP or EURO - and we are continually adding more.

What are you waiting for?

At this point it's hard to think of a cryptocurrency website that would not benefit from Coinponent, because...

  1. It meets perhaps the biggest need in the crypto community - to know the real-time price of almost any token
  2. It improves your user's experience
  3. It improves your SEO

So why not just add it right now?

Oh - did I mention it's free?

Add Coinponent to your site for free!

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