1. Get your API Key
  2. Copy your snippet
  3. Paste it into an HTML element
  4. Publish your site
  5. Sip a cup of tea.

Adding Coinponent to Your Wordpress Website (long)

Hello and welcome everybody. My name is Chris and today I’m going to be showing you how to add Coinponent to your Wordpress website.

Coinponent is an embedable cryptocurrency calculator that you can easily add to your website with a small snippet of code.

To get started head over to & scroll down to the “Customize Your Coinponent” section.

Here you can play around with the settings to get a feel for the real power of Coinponent. You can customize the font-family, the shadow, switch to a dark theme, pick a default digital token, limit the number of fiat currencies, add decimals and a host of other settings.

In my case I want to add Coinponent to an informational landing page about cryptocurrencies and to the sidebar of my blog posts.

To get started click on the yellow "Get your API Key" button. After entering your details and confirming your email you will be taken to your Coinponent dashboard.

This is your Coinponent dashboard

Now you can tailor your calculator to fit natively onto your website.

In my case, I'm going to leave BTC as the default currency, increase the shadow to "Large" and switch the font-family to "monospace".

I also like the dark mode, so I'm going to use it here.

Now I just copy the snippet to my clipboard and head over to my Wordpress website.

To begin with I want to add the snippet to an informational landing page about cryptocurrencies. Like most people, I use a visual editor to help me stylize my website.

This means that I need to add a an HTML element to the page.

Then it's simply a matter of pasting in the code and pressing publish.

Paste Coinponent into your HTML element

et voilà

We have a stylish cryptocurrency calculator on our landing page in less than 2 minutes. My visitors can now find the real-time exchange rate of over 2,000 digital tokens. This of course improves the amount of time they spend on the site and their likelyhood of clicking through to another piece of content.

Great for your SEO!

Adding a Crypto Calculator to your Wordpress Sidebar

As a Wordpress user myself, I jumped at the chance of including Coinponent in my blog's sidebar.

This allows me to show Coinponent on every blog post and therefore significantly increasing its visibility to my readers.

To do this, simply head over to your Wordpress dashboard and navigate to:

Appearance -> Widgets

Now drag an "HTML" element over to your sidebar, and paste your Coinponent code.

Your Wordpress widget dashboard

It should look something like this.

Great, now save and refresh a blog post.

We're live!


Did you manage to do the whole thing in under 5 minutes? Let us know on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and speak to you soon 😻